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FinTech company Investore needed a full branding and website design project and business development strategy to launch their new investment product ‘Dividend Income’, a revolution in ISA saving that takes dividend based investing to the mass market. We started with a business development plan and created a visual identity, graphic design work, FCA approved website design and advertising to support the launch. We continue to work with the company to support them ongoing.

In detail…

FinTech innovation company Synergy Finance came to us with an exciting new concept. The idea was to launch an ISA based product that had the key benefit of combining rebalancing and managed shares investing to take advantage of high interest rates and dividend payouts. These benefits previously only available to those used to investing in the stock market are now, through Investore’s new thinking, going to be made available to the high street.

We came on board to create a branding concept visual identity and package the product into a market ready form. This idea initial ‘Dividend Income’ product was to form the launch platform for the new company and its range of mass market investment products. We worked closely with their marketing team to build a brand strategy which packaged this new investment product line with a view to creating tangible ‘off-the-shelf’ investment products that bought the benefits of share investing to the mass market. The product included  full digital marketing campaign, website and advertising development and was delivered within three months.